2023 Tobacco VBR Partners with logos for participating CQIs


Healthy Behavior Optimization for Michigan hosted our first All Collaborative Meeting on March 15, 2022. We were joined by over 165 clinicians, health care professionals, and clinical data and quality specialists from across Michigan to unite around the shared goal of tobacco cessation in Michigan.

Our meeting brought together members from across 12 Michigan Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQI), clinicians and health care professionals invested in the patient and population health outcomes associated with bariatric, cardio-thoracic, and oncological surgical care, emergency medical care, cancer care, and more. Together, we are investing in addressing tobacco use as a critical underlying health factor and improving integrative tobacco cessation documentation and referrals across health systems, specialities, and regions in the state of Michigan.

In small groups, participants discussed the issue they face in documenting smoking status and tobacco cessation services,  challenges around provider time and resources, and patient engagement.

A breakdown of the most common challenges identified in our pre-event survey

Biggest challenges to achieving Tobacco VBR as a pie graph with largest sections being physician time, documentation, and patient engagement

Featured Speaker

Surgical resident, Ryan Howard, MD, shared why tobacco cessation matters to his practice and how he starts the conversation with his patients.