Tobacco Cessation

Value-Based Reimbursement Toolkit


The Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR) Toolkit provides all the information needed to get started with VBR including metrics, claim codes, and guides.


Smoking Data Dictionary

Contains details on variables, definitions, and response options for all metric options included in the Smoking Measures Download >>

Metrics Overview

Summary display of the three-tiered metric options and time points for data collection Download >>

Smoking Measures – Abstraction 

Describes the process and information for abstractors to consider to extract smoking data from medical records Download >>

Smoking Measures – Claims 

Describes the types of claims for CQIs to consider to extract smoking data from claims records Download >>

Smoking Measures – Patient Survey 

Describes the language to consider for use in collecting smoking data from direct patient surveys Download >>

Data Collection – Claims Codes (ONLINE) 

Lists all claims codes and their categories relevant to the Smoking Measures –Claims View >>

Provider Resources

Notes for Provider Intervention 

Contains a brief outline of how providers can quickly evaluate and provide support to patients who currently smoke Download >>

Practical Guide CDC 

Slightly longer summary of how providers can effectively engage with their patients around smoking and cessation efforts. Includes example situations providers may encounter and response options to manage them Download >>

Smoking Cessation Handout

Accessible overview of medication options for smoking cessation and the Michigan Tobacco Quitline for providers and patients

Medications Guide AAFP 

More detailed overview from the American Academy of Family Physicians on medication options for smoking cessation, precautions, dosing, adverse effects, advantages, disadvantages, and costs for providers to reference if interested in providing medications to support their patients Download >>

Know the Metrics 

A summary of our three-tiered metric options and timepoints for data collection. 

Access Claim Codes

HBOM has created a spreadsheet of all relevant claim codes for tobacco cessation VBR.