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3 MONTHS OF FREE LOW CARB GROCERY DELIVERIES to jumpstart a lower carbohydrate lifestyle for people with type 2 diabetes.

What is the Healthy Eating JUMPSTART Program?

The JUMPSTART program provides a grocery shopping credit of $80 per month, allowing eligible individuals to shop online for lower carb groceries and receive their Healthy Eating JUMPSTART delivered to their home for free.

Along with groceries, patients are given access to robust education and support for lower carb eating, including handouts, tips, recipes, meal plans, and more. These materials were developed with clinical oversight by the MCT2D team and reflect the current ADA recommendations for low carb eating patterns.

What are the criteria for patients to participate?

In order for a patient to participate, ALL of the following criteria must apply:

1) Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes
2) Medicaid-eligible, low income, OR experiencing food insecurity (individuals will be screened as part of application)
3) Not on an SGLT2i
4) Not pregnant or breastfeeding

Please note that patients must also have some internet access and live in a location served by Shipt in order to participate at this time. We will determine if a patient is able to participate when they apply.

Download JUMPSTART Handout

Download an informational 1-page handout about the JUMPSTART program.

How do practices participate?

1) Scroll down and follow the link to complete the Practice Interest Form.

2) The CQI team will follow up with you directly about participating.

3) Refer patients! You can direct them to the link above or provide printed materials about the program. Patients will be asked to complete a brief application and will be contacted to complete enrollment.