Tap for Support NFC Badges


RECOMMENDED: Order 1 badge per provider

Looking for an easy way to refer patients to smoking cessation resources, including the Michigan Tobacco Quitline?

Our Tap for Support NFC badges for health care professionals use near-field communication technology, just like Apple Pay or the badge ID you use to unlock a computer or office door, to quickly refer your patients to the HBOM text line.

Using the badge will initiate a pre-populated text on the patient’s phone that enrolls them in the HBOM text line. The text line helps connect patients with tobacco cessation resources.

How to Use

There are three options for enrolling patients in the text line using your badge.

Option 1: NFC (Near-Field Communication)

1. Unlock phone.

2. Swipe badge up the front of the phone from bottom to top.

3. Click on the pop-up prompt and follow instructions (or for Apple iPhone devices, press ‘send’).

Note: Not all phones have NFC capability. If the NFC does not work, choose one of the other two options.

drawing of smart phone with badge next to the front of a smartphone with an arrow directing from bottom to top

Option 2: Scan the QR Code

1. Open the camera on phone.

2. Point at QR code (clock on QR code to help camera focus).

3. Click on pop-up that displays over QR code

Option 3: Send a text message

1. Open the messaging app on the phone

2. Text “signup” to 313-548-0000.

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